Common questions

1. Why SUGAR?
As opposed to traditional e-commerce platforms, SUGAR aims to enhance the digital asset’s value by accompanying each download with every resource necessary to understand and use it to its full potential.A product bought once is a product owned for life. Any future update will be available to you free of charge!
2. What products can I find on SUGAR?
You’ll find a wide variety of XR related assets on the platform, including fully built out experiences, scripts and parts of projects, aka utilities, to help you on your XR journey.
3. How do I use products I download?
Each product download comes with either a demo video or a template project that has the assets set up to show you how they are used. Relevant programs may be required as additional download but will be mentioned on the product page.
4. How do I re-download products I’ve purchased?
If you’ve lost the file for the product you’ve purchased, you can either follow the link contained in the mail again or navigate to the product page and re-download it from there.
5. What payment methods are available?
Our platform accepts payments from :
- Credit card
- Paypal
- Apple Pay
- Google pay

6. Can I pay in a specific currency?
As of now, the online payment gateway handles the conversion for you.
7. May I upload a purchased filter on my account as is?
The purchase gives you the right to upload any filter on your account, however you do not have the right to claim it as your own creation nor do you have the authorisation to resell it without modifications that would be valid under fair use laws.

You are not required to credit people on upload however it’s always a nice thing to do <3
8. What is your refund policy?
Currently the policy is on a case-per-case basis. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the product purchased, please mail us at We will take into account your explanation and act accordingly, possibly updating the product for you and everyone else or going through with a refund if truly desired and presented a valid case.
All of our proceeds since February 20th 2022 will go to the UNHCR in the name of our buyers